The Fastest Growing Malaysian Payment Gateway

We build a commoditized payment platform for business to thrive

RM0.80 per FPX transaction

The cheapest rate you can get

Need a reason to use LekirPay ?


These are the six (6) unique selling points that we are offering

PDF Transaction Statement

CSV is a sore to our eyes. PDF, I love you!

Lowest Fpx transaction fee (RM0.80)

Being the cheapest isn't always a bad thing... It's a win for our merchants (Hooray!)

Same-Day Settlement(T+0)

A business growth depends on their cashflow. We understood, hence we provide.

Whatsapp & Email Notification

SMS? That's 2002! Notify your customers on transactions via WhatsApp or email (it's free!)

Payment Form & QR Code

You don't need an e-commerce to collect online payment. You just need LekirPay payment form & QR code

Recurring Billing

Seamless subscription, hassle-free payments. Our recurring billing makes life easier

Comprehensive Dashboard

Integration & API

WhatsApp & Email Notification


LekirPay is still new in the market, but we are the
fastest growing payment gateway in Malaysia

Our merchant keeps growing


Exclusive pricing plans for you

We offer economical plans + a special for your branding purpose.


Perfect to get you started

MYR 0 /Month


(DuitNow Online Banking)

Fraud and Risk Management

LekirPay: Protecting your payments, securing your access. We prioritize the security of our

payment to provide a secure payment process and minimize the risk of fraud for you

Business is all about timing

and no timing is better than now

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