Features designed for you

Ultimate growth and benefits for your business startups, ecommerce stores, customers and more.

Custom Domain

We offer custom domain as unique branded name that identifies website.

Custom Field

This features allow super merchant to add custom field so they can get more input from customer or offer more selection to your customer

Visitor Log

Log transaction information into database, Location information, region, country, browser, OS, city, zip, unique and non-unique visits based on IP and Allows log authenticated user info etc.

Two-Factor Authentication

Payment Pages is the easiest way to accept payments with a custom-branded online store. With zero coding, take your store online and start accepting international and domestic payments instantly.

Functional API

Ready-to-use API for your application. Generate API tokens and even grant specific abilities to tokens.

Transaction Notifications

Transaction notifications via email together with WhatsApp.

User Roles

Create role and Grant permissions based on roles. Give user or group access to a page or feature within the application.

Fraud Detection

Unique Fraud Detection, Prevention System, unique security and safety filters to analyse and report suspicious user details, behavior and transaction details to keep you aware of fraud.

Payment Link

Pay faster. Just need to share a link through the social network that best suits your needs and it is valid for any model of mobile phone (Android or iPhone). Accepting payments from customers is now just a link away.

Indicate in the link the amount of money to pay and share it through the social network via;

Pembayaran Untuk Langganan

Offer your customers subscription plans with automated recurring transactions on various payment modes, through a platform that’s built for automation.

For businesses with a product or service that can be offered over time, subscription payments are a quick and reliable way to retain customers and create consistent income.

Build Customers

When working on cloud infrastructure, your primary concern is making sure your applications are fully operational.

Robust Security Measures

One important inclusion of your setup and deployment process is to build effective, thorough, and robust security measures into your apps or systems before they are offered to the public.

PCI DSS Level 1

Instead of retroactively implementing security measures post-deployment, it is important to ensure that there is a secure base configuration built into your infrastructure.  PCI DSS Level 1 compliant along with frequent third party audits and a dedicated internal security team to make sure your data is always safe. 

Mass Payment

A cash management service for merchants that cater a large number of buyers or sellers in terms of disbursement and refund services.

Virtual Terminal

All-in-one payment processor in the form of a mobile app that you can bring anytime anywhere. Powerful, but unbelievably economic necessity for all sizes of business either with or without an eCommerce website.

Ready to use

As simple as three steps, our virtual terminal can start accepting payment.

Save Cost

Whether you have a sub-business or branches, just a minimal additional charge for activation.


No more breaking trust! Have full control on your sub-sellers with sub-account feature.

New Opportunity

Offers all payment methods – new, latest & existing that work best for all customers.

Ultimate Convenience

Whether to accept credit card, to scan e-wallets or to send payment link to customers, all doable in VT.


Whether you have 10, 100 or 1000 sub-accounts, there is just a minimal cost which allows you more opportunities to grow.


Automatically carry the whole payment functions in your phone to any places, business, or occasions.


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